Preventive Care International (PCI) is a non governoment organization that focuses on HIV prevention among Sero-discordant couples,MSM, Sex workers and the LGBT community. It is an HIV prevention organization that exists to provide information/ options for HIV prevention to key population / marginalized people. PCI advocates for equal access to health care / HIV prevention among high risk people without discrimination basing on gender, race, HIV status or sexual orientation. PCI undertakes this through Advocacy, Research and Training of health care providers, the key population and the general community.

PCI also exists to provide a platform for constructive dialogue, and engagement of policy makers, policy implementers, advocates, researchers and the general community by providing an opportunity for sharing of information about HIV prevention. It also exists to collaborate and network with other organizations that are involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS by providing technical assistance in advocacy, research and training.

We also exist to advocate for equal access to health care/ HIV prevention among high risk/ marginalized groups that include HIV sero-discordant couples, Sex workers, MSM, LGBT, prisoners and the fishing community. We believe that if we are to reduce on the prevalence of HIV, we need to reduce on the rate of new infections occurring as we treat those who are already infected.

   Free HIV counseling and testing
   Free HIV prevention options, information, condoms and lubricants.
   Referrals to MSM, SWs and sero-discordant couplesí friendly VCT centers.
   Posttest clubs for ongoing psychosocial support for sero-discordant couples, MSM, SWs and other LGBT.
   Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials
   Updates about new and ongoing researches and findings/ results
   Updates about fellowships, grants/donations and workshops/conferences
   Linkage to other advocates and collaborators around the world.
 Recent Events
  • CROI conference  on 03/04/2018
  • ICASA conference on 12/04/2017
  • IAS 2017 on 05/22/2017
  • Free surgery on cleft lip and palate on 01/26/2017
  • AVAC stakeholders dialogue  on 04/13/2016
  • World aids day  on 12/01/2015
  • ICASA  on 11/29/2015
  • International aids society conference  on 07/17/2016
  • NPC meeting at Uganda aids commission  on 11/17/2015
  • R4P conference  on 10/17/2016
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    Discordant couples need appropriate HIV prevention options like PrEP

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